June 23, 2017

From the Teacher:

It’s the final post of the year.  This week was an exciting one.  We had a wonderful presentation by Animal Adventures,  a Sense of Accomplishment assembly where the children shared one thing they were proud of and sang a song,  we had two mystery readers and completed the Popsicle Challenge.

We want to say one more heartfelt thank you for an amazing group of children and parents. Today we each received a  beautiful framed photo of our class and the children wrote their names on the frame – it will be a keepsake for us.  Receiving so many cards this week with lovely messages really warmed our hearts, so thank you for taking the time.

Animal Adventures:




Sense of Accomplishment:


Mystery Readers:
Claire and her sister Ellery:


Our final mystery reader of the year Lily and her sister Bella:


Happy Summer!



Claire with her sister Ellery

June 16, 2017

From the Teacher

What a wonderful week.  It was filled with school spirit and special activities  We began with field day (see pictures below), had a very successful school celebration,  a mystery reader, and finished our week building structures to protect a Popsicle.

Kindergarten Celebration:  Thank you to everyone who attended our show.  The children were so excited to perform for you and they did an amazing job.  I hope you were impressed with their writing pieces and able to see their growth during the year.

Mystery Reader:  Thanks to Vivian’s Dad for coming to school and reading the fun story, Dragons Love Tacos.  Everyone enjoyed it. (Pictures below)

Engineering Project:  As you know we have been learning and tracking the weather all year. During this week we specifically talked a lot about the sun and how we protect ourselves from the sun (hats, sunscreen, awnings, etc).  Your children were then given the challenge of building a structure to protect a Popsicle from the sun.  They sketched their designs and then worked with teammates on Friday to build their structure.  Unfortunately it was too overcast for us to test out our buildings, but when the sun appears next week we’ll give them a try. (Pictures below)

Upcoming events:

Sight Word Testing:  Children will take their final sight word test of the year sometime between Monday and Wednesday.  I’ll send the recording sheets home.  Please keep practicing these words during the summer so your child knows them instantly.

Animal Adventures:  On Monday we will have a 1 hour presentation from Animal Adventures. Thanks to our PTO for providing the funds for our kindergartners to get up close and personal with some amazing animals.

Sense of Accomplishments Assembly:  K, 1st and 2nd graders will meet with Mrs. Johnson to share their accomplishments from this year.  We’ll also be performing one of our songs from the show.

Move Up Day:  On Thursday your children will meet and spend a few minutes talking with the five first grade teachers.  This meet and greet helps children put a face to a name and puts their minds at ease about next year.

Last Day of School:  Friday, June 23rd will be an early release day (approximately 11:35) and children will be going home on the same bus they come to school on.  We will be sending a form home just so we are certain of your plans. Please return to school as soon as possible.

And now, voices from the class:

  • Anna: I like that during School Spirit week we can eat at any table
  • Caleb: I liked running the races on field day
  • Chace: We had Popsicles at the end of field day
  • Claire: I liked the music playing in the cafeteria during lunch
  • Duncan: I liked building the structure to protect the Popsicle today
  • Hailey: I liked playing the ring toss game at field day
  • Jason: We had a celebration for 10 stars and I liked the Alphabots
  • Jolie: I liked when I was dancing during our Kindergarten celebration
  • Lily: I liked building the Popsicle structure in the cafeteria
  • Luke: I liked the picnic after our show
  • Mady: I loved getting my JiJi postcard for finishing all the levels
  • Megan: I liked Mr. Musselman’s experiment
  • Nicholas:  I liked singing ABC You Later during our celebration
  • Rida: I liked making the Popsicle shelters
  • Vivian: I liked when we made the Popsicle structures

Vivian and her Dad:


Engineering Project: Save the Popsicle





Field  Day: A Fun Day for All






Happy Weekend!



June 2, 2017

From the Teacher:

Wow it’s June and time is flying by. Only 14 1/2 days left in Kindergarten – how did that happen???  We’re going to keep working and learning and having a good time until the very last minute.  

Field Trip:  We had a wonderful trip today to the zoo. A few pictures are below.  Thank you to our chaperones:  Mrs. Coffey, Mr. Fine, Ms. Friedel, Mr. Ryan, and Mrs. Wong – thanks so much for accompanying us on our trip today.  Due to our late arrival back at school we did not have time for “voices from the classroom” for our blog, or for children to pack their home/school folders; they’ll get them back on Monday.

Research Project:  The class has been spending a lot of time researching and writing about the animal they chose for their non-fiction book.  Ask your child to share some of the interesting information they have learned about their animal. Thanks to our 4th grade book buddies who have helped out by reading non-fiction books to their kindergarten buddy.

Scholastic Book Club:  If you are ordering from our last book club of the year, please place your order tonight by  6:00 p.m.  Thank you for your support this year with this program.

Celebration:  We had our first whole-kindergarten practice yesterday on the stage for our big kindergarten celebration. I hope your children are excited about the songs they will be singing and the work they will be sharing with you.  I look forward to seeing everyone on June 14th at 10:00 a.m.

Book Fair:  Next Wednesday our class will be going to the library for a book sale.  Flyers will be sent home on Monday.  If you would like to join us, please feel free to meet us on Wednesday, June 7th from 9:00-9:30 in the Fox Hill library.

Here we are at the start of our trip!

                     Looking at bones:                                       Check out the giraffe in the background!

We got very close to some amazing animals:

I was chaperoning a group at the zoo and unfortunately I didn’t run into too many of the other groups from our class to include them in pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend.


May 19, 2017

 From the Teacher:

We had a very busy week as you will see from the voices from the class below.  The highlights were spending time with Crystal (her last day was today), a field trip, 3 mystery readers, beginning our research reports, and releasing 3 of our Painted Lady butterflies that hatched.  Thank you to Mrs. Fine and Mrs. Quimby for accompanying us on our field trip this week.

Next Field Trip:  Our final field trip of the year is to the Franklin Park Zoo.  Paperwork was sent home today and is due back by May 26th.

Assessments:  It’s that time of year that we are doing a lot of individual assessments with the children.  They will be taking their final check on the 50 sight words the first week in June.  PLEASE continue to practice these words all the way until first grade – it will pay off for your child!

Mystery Readers:  We began our week with Megan’s grandfather coming in and sharing the book Picasso with us.  Today we had Anna’s Mom read Miss Nelson Is Missing in the morning and Nicholas’ Dad this afternoon reading Dr. Seuss’ The Ear Book.  Sorry can’t get Nicholas’ pictures into blog this week, but will add them next week.  Thank you to all our mystery readers this week.

                                                            Megan and her Grandfather
                                                                               Anna and her Mom

                                                                        Butterfly release:


And now, voices from the class:

  • Megan: My grandpa was a mystery reader this week
  • Chace: We helped change our library to animal books for our books that we are writing
  • Mady: I liked having Crystal this week
  • Luke: We released our butterflies this afternoon
  • Xander: I liked the field trip when everyone was singing and dancing
  • Lily: My mom came on the field trip. I liked the part when the cat was shaking his butt
  • Nicholas: I had my birthday in school and everyone sang happy birthday to me.  My Dad came this afternoon and was a mystery reader
  • Vivian: I liked when we released the butterflies because one butterfly stayed right between the feet the whole time
  • Hailey:  I liked the end of the field trip when everyone was dancing and singing
  • Caleb:  I liked researching the butterflies for my book
  • Anna: My Mom was a mystery reader today, I liked the book my Mom brought with her
  • Duncan: I liked going on the field trip.  I liked the part when the bird grew too many feathers
  • Jason: We had a celebration because we earned 10 stars
  • Claire: I liked the part of the field trip when the bird found the right flower
  • Sisira: I liked when we released the orange black butterflies
  • Jolie: I liked working on JiJi this week
  • Rida: I liked when the butterfly went to Vivian today  

Have a nice weekend!

May 12, 2017

  From the Teacher:

Mystery Readers:  This week we were fortunate enough to have two mystery readers.  We had our first set of grandparents on Tuesday when Sisira’s grandmother read The Princess and the Magic Locket.  My parents were here today and read Bear Feels Sick.  I am so proud of what good listeners they are when our guests are reading the story.  

     Sisira’s grandmother reading the story and then Sisira posing with her grandparents:

                                                                       My Mom and Dad.

Then since I couldn’t get in the picture with my parents  (and take it at the same time), the class volunteered that they would get in the picture with them!  I couldn’t resist posting this one, too!

Be sure to check out Crystal also posing in the back of the pictures.

Writing:  The class will begin working on a class research project next week.  We have been watching the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly right in our classroom.  These observations will be the first step in our gathering information for our class book.

Field Trip:  On Wednesday we will be going to see Seussical.  Please have your child wear their Fox Hill field trip t-shirt.  Be sure to pack a peanut free lunch as it is possible we may not be back in time to eat in the cafeteria and we will have lunch in our classroom.   

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!  Have a wonderful weekend.

May 5, 2017

From the Teacher:

Mystery Reader:  Thank you to Jason’s Mom who was our Mystery Reader today.  She read Five Little Bunnies Hopping on a Hill.  I can’t tell you how happy the class is when they see the mystery reader envelope hanging on the easel.  Thank you to all our readers.

Jason and his Mom:


Thank you!  Teacher Appreciation Week has been wonderful!  Mrs. Conlon and I have appreciated all the wonderful cards, flowers, chocolates, coffee, and lots of extra hugs from the class. We had a delicious lunch today hosted by the PTO and the time to eat it); thank you to our recess and lunch moms.

Book Club Meetings/Assessments:  I will begin end-of-the-year assessments next week  so realistically reading books will come home every other day instead of every day.  Rest assured even if your child does not come home with a book they are still reading a lot each day through centers and other activities.

Sight Words: I did another sight word assessment today and will send those papers home Monday.  Knowing these words “instantly” makes a huge difference in reading progress.  Please continue to practice with your children.  

Scholastic Book Club:  If you are ordering, please place your order by 8:00 p.m. so I will be able to finalize the class order.  I’ll be placing one more order in June.  Thank you for all your support with this program.

End-of-the-year Celebration:  Please pencil in June 14th on your calendars as that is the date of our kindergarten celebration.  Specific information will be sent home once everything is finalized.

Class Pet: Well the big news of the week is Crystal.  She arrived on Monday and, although a lot quieter than we anticipated, she has clearly added a lot of excitement.  She’s been out of her cage each day surveying the room from her perch, did a little flying , and is beginning to make some sounds. She is more talkative when it’s just Tania and I in the room, so  I’m hoping next week she’ll adjust to the kindergarten buzz and the kids will get to hear more.


Have a great weekend!



April 28, 2017

From the Teacher:

Here are some pictures from our week.

Mystery Readers: Thank you to our two mystery readers this week.  Mrs. Johnson surprised the class on Monday and we finished our week with Luke’s Mom reading today.  Thank you to both of our mystery readers.

Mrs. Johnson reading  The Little House, posing for a picture with the class, then getting one of Room 7’s famous group hugs!


On Friday, Luke’s Mom read How to Train a Train,  then posed with the birthday boy!


Earth Day at Fox Hill:  Today our school celebrated Earth Day with a wonderful presentation in our Learning Commons area.  Mr. Murphy, Ms. Scheffer, Mrs. Thorpe and Ms. Pavlicek all combined efforts for a wonderful learning experience for the children.  Pictures are below – I’m not sure if I captured everyone as there was a lot going on in the short time we were there.  Ask your child their favorite part of our visit.








And what we have all been waiting for – the cage arrived today and Crystal will arrive on Monday – wish us luck!

Have a wonderful weekend.