October 13, 2017

From the Teacher:

As I mentioned at orientation I am going to use the blog this year for academic and seasonal updates. I’m hoping you are following our classroom on instagram so you are seeing pictures of important events happening in our classroom.

Field Trip/Writing:  Our first field trip was a very big success. The kids had such a great time taking a hay ride, picking apples and pumpkins, feeding the animals and playing in the hay maze. Thanks to our chaperones: Mrs. Negron, Mr. Sevold, Mrs. Tammaro, and Mr. Villafranca for accompanying us to Parlee Farms. We appreciate your time and couldn’t have done it without you!  

Two writing projects will be completed as a result of this trip. Today we began brainstorming for their narrative writing piece which will include a beginning, middle, and end about their visit to Parlee Farm.  Next week we will be doing cross-section drawings and labeling (are you impressed?) with the class apples and pumpkin.

Family Pictures:   We are asking that each child bring a family photo to school by next Friday, October 20th to share with the class during morning meeting. The picture can be of your entire family, a few special members of your family, or one taken at a special event that your child could talk about with the class.  I will return all photos when everyone has had a chance to share.

Contact Information:  At orientation I offered to put together a class list with contact information for families to use for coordinating play dates and birthday parties (sorry it had totally slipped my mind). Today I am sending home your information for you to check for accuracy.  Please return on Monday so I can make any necessary changes and share the information with everyone early next week.  Thanks for your patience!

High Frequency/Sight Words:  Kindergarten students will work to read 60 sight words this year. On Monday each child will receive their individual spelling word book with the first five words for them to practice at home.  Please return the sight word book every Friday so your child can read the words to a teacher and earn their “check-off”.  Each week we will add additional words to be practiced. The entire 60 word list will be sent home on Monday so you will be able to see what’s coming.  These high frequency/sight words make up a large portion of the words in early readers and are crucial for beginning readers to know.  Our goal is to have children read these words automatically (i.e., they look at the word and say it immediately rather than trying to sound it out).  We will review and practice these words in the classroom, too.  If your child can read the words quickly, you can challenge them to practice writing and spelling them. Thanks for your support and help at home.

Fundations:  These first few weeks the class has learned letters Ff, Tt, Bb, Mm, and Nn.  Next week Ii and Uu, our first vowels, are introduced and we can start “tapping” out words! We are working really hard on letter formation and correct pencil grips. All letters either begin on the sky or plane line, however, many children have the tendency to start forming the letters from the bottom up (grass line) – this is something we want to correct and ask that you correct it if you see your child doing this at home.  If you have any questions, please ask.

Morning Tubs:  Children began rotating through a series of “tubs” directed at increasing skills.  Our focus now is on developing grip strength, hand-eye coordination, fine motor practice and phonics skills.  I did an instagram post last week showing some of our morning tubs in use.  The children are loving them and are disappointed when we don’t use them in the morning.

Literacy Centers: We’ve been practicing some of our individual centers for the last few weeks so that we would be ready to begin the actual rotation and some independent work next week.  As “must-do’s” we’ll be featuring a Listening Center, Poetry Station, Sight Word activity, Journal writing, and a craft related to our Fundations letters.  Several choice centers will also be set up.  Be sure to ask your child about their morning tub & center work next week.

ST Math:  Today Mrs. Fortunato, our district math coach,  was here introducing ST Math (usually known as JiJi) to Room 7 students.  Children worked on learning their picture passwords and then played a few one-to-one correspondence games.  Once we get some practice time in class I’ll send home log-in codes so children can practice and complete some lessons at home.

Book Fair:  Next week Mr. Murphy is hosting the Scholastic Book Fair in the Fox Hill Library.  Our class is scheduled to attend on Wednesday, October 18th from 9:00-9:30.  If your children are purchasing books please make sure the choice(s) are clear.  Children are always tempted by the non-book materials available such as posters, pencils, pointers, etc. We need to know if your child is permitted to make those choices.  Parents are welcome in the library to help out during our book fair time.  If you would like volunteer please sign in at the office and meet us in the lobby by 9:00 on Wednesday.

Community Circle:  The kindergarten met with Mrs. Johnson on Wednesday morning for our first community circle.  The discussion was about what makes a community and what it means to be part of our kindergarten and school communities.  Mrs. Johnson read the book One to the children.

Halloween/Fall Celebration:  Kindergarten classes will get together at the end of the month for a  morning filled with fun activities to celebrate Halloween and the Fall season.  Look for a volunteer form next week if you are interested in helping out that day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


September 15, 2017

 From the Teacher:

We have just finished our very busy first week in Room 7.  It’s been a great start – I think everyone is tired, but I hope happy and ready for week 2

Snack:  Please send a water bottle or some type of drink with your child’s snack each day – it has been especially warm in the classroom and we want to keep them hydrated.

A few quick communication reminders

Phone Check-in:  I’ll be reaching out during the next two weeks to each family for a brief check in on your child’s transition to kindergarten and to answer any questions you may have.  My plan is to call the number that was starred on your orientation paperwork. If you have specific days/times that are best, please send me an email and I’ll do my best to get it scheduled.

Instagram: Please make sure you are signed up to follow us on instagram:   I am planning on posting pictures at least a few times per week.  Yesterday I posted pictures of the children playing a partner math game, I included everyone so be sure you swipe to see each picture included.  Download the instagram app and follow fhroom7

Remind: I’ll only be using this a few times a year, but would love to have each family signed up. I can send directions home if you need it

Blog:  If you’re reading this please make sure you hit the button to follow so that you’re notified each time I post.  My plan is to post approximately once per month to give curriculum updates.  

Field Trips:  Flyers highlighting the first two field trips were sent home.  Permission slips and payments are due Thursday, September 28th .  We do have financial scholarships available for any family needing assistance to pay for these field trips, just let me know and I can make arrangements.

Confidentiality Meeting & CORI:  Mrs. Johnson will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday, September 26 at 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for anyone wishing to chaperone field trips or volunteer for special event days in the classroom.  If you are unsure of your CORI status, send me an email and I can let you know.

Scholastic Book Orders:  If you are ordering this month please submit your order online by 8:00 p.m. tonight. Thank you for supporting this program.

I love this picture of the class posing on the playground on our very first day!  As you’ll see from the voices below – the playground was a popular place this week!

And now voices from the class . . .

  • Jocelyn:  I liked making the project for the assembly today
  • Olivia T:  My favorite thing this week was listening to all the stories
  • Arooba: This week I liked coloring my name really fancy
  • Gabriella:  I liked doing The kindergarten Cheer
  • Evan: This week I liked going outside to play
  • Tyler:  My favorite thing this week was doing Morning Meeting
  • Olivia S:  Making our little people was my favorite thing
  • Aly: Coloring the rainbow was my favorite part of the week
  • Gerry: I loved working on the math book this week
  • Hunter:  My favorite thing this week was going on the bus
  • Blake: I liked playing with my friends at recess
  • Mason: I liked getting tickets this week
  • Aarna:  My favorite part of the week was playing with friends at recess
  • Wilson: Having snack with my friends was my favorite thing this week
  • Lilah: I liked coloring my ice cream cone today
  • Xavier: My favorite part was having so much fun going outside
  • Ysabelle: My favorite part of the week was going on the playground
  • Paige:  I liked making my name with dobbers

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. Have a wonderful weekend!