September 16, 2016

Hello Families,

We have had a wonderful first week together! It has been super busy in Room 7 each day, but hopefully everyone is coming home with stories to share.  

A few housekeeping items:

Back-to-School Night is Wednesday, September 21st from 6:30-8:00.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and talking a little more about the curriculum and our day.

This week we sent home the notice for our first field trip to go apple picking.  Please return the form by Friday, September 30th.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

I’ve sent home the first Scholastic Book Club Order.  Please click the Scholastic link above and read the letter about placing an order.  If you have any questions please send me an email and I’ll answer the best I can.  Ordering is totally voluntary.

Today we went to an assembly about “belonging”.  Lessons will be taught throughout the year about belonging (to our class, school, community, etc.)  At the very end of this post is a photo of your children holding the self-portrait that they made and presented at the assembly.  It took us a lot of tries to get a picture with everyone’s face at least visible – they are definitely wiggly, but Mrs. Conlon and I will get better at capturing them quickly with more experience!!

Ms. Carpenter was in this week to do her “potato head” lesson about whole-body listening.  It clearly made the point of using our whole bodies as she had them put the potato head together with all its important parts.  We will be using the phrase “whole body listening” throughout the school year.  Social skills lessons will continue for the next few months.

We begin library Wednesday.  Children will be able to check out one book.  We ask that you read the book at home and return it in their backpacks by the following Wednesday.

Please sign up to receive automatic blog posts from Mrs. Johnson in place of the weekly newsletter that used to be sent home on Fridays. 

I am planning on checking in (phone calls) with each family next week to talk about how everything is going (from your child’s and your perspective).  If you have a preferred time for me to reach you, just send an email and I’ll do my best to contact you then.  If it doesn’t work for me to call you next we can exchange quick emails and catch up at a later time.
After only a week  Mrs. Conlon and I can say we could not have asked for a better group of kindergartners to be sharing our day with!  Have a wonderful weekend.  See you Wednesday!  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And now voices from the class:

  • Luke: I liked making the self-portraits
  • Anna: I liked sitting and reading to a reading buddy (our stuffed animals)
  • Xander: I liked the book buddies today (4th graders).
  • Chace: Ms. Miele read a germ book to us
  • Claire: This morning the 4th graders came and read with us
  • Nicholas: I liked going out to recess
  • Rida: I like going to the cafeteria for our assembly
  • Duncan: The pattern blocks were my favorite math tub
  • Sisira: We do the calendar every day and we count the days in school with stickers
  • Vivian: I liked adding to the temperature chain each day
  • Jason: We went outside each day and played with friends
  • Megan: I liked the lightning stick to share our ideas in morning meeting
  • Hailey:  When we did the lightning stick I shared about swimming this summer
  • Maddie: I liked drawing pictures during free choice
  • Lily:  I like our kindergarten cheer
  • Caleb: We made our name with paint daubers



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