September 23, 2016

orange From the Teacher:

Today was day 10 of Kindergarten. We had another good week in room 7.  We are modeling and practicing our routines throughout the day.  Our two big focus rules right now are: following directions the first time they are given (first-time listeners) and being good listeners (whole-body listening) by turning off our voices and turning on our listening ears when someone else is talking. These things take time and lots of practice.

Back-to-School night:  It was great to see so many of you Wednesday night and/or speak with you during our phone check-ins.  I’ve included the link to the kindergarten presentation below.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Our “heart” Photo:  Please check out the photo below of us creating our Room 7 family hand/heart picture.  Your children were very patient as we worked the logistics to  capture the photo.  Do you recognize your child’s hands??? Thanks to Mrs. Minghella for braving the height needed to capture the shot.  We’ll use the photo to talk about how we treat each other for the next 10 months.  We are the Room 7 family!


That same heart was cut down and used for the Chrysanthemum project that we did today. We re-read the book and each time someone in the book said something hurtful to Chrysanthemum children took turns crumpling the heart.  By the end of the book the heart was very wrinkled.  We tried to straighten it out, even put on band-aids, but “it’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart”.  I’d love it if you would have a conversation with your child about these activities.  We want to “think before we speak” so we do not hurt someone’s feelings.  Your children came home with a bracelet today with the same little poem as the one that will be displayed in our class all year.  We will revisit our heart whenever needed.


Listening to the story and crumpling Chrysanthemum’s heart!


Our “finished” heart

Hopes and Dreams:  A reminder that we would like your puzzle piece returned Monday for your hopes and dreams for your child’s kindergarten year.  If you need a new piece, let me know.

Family picture:  If you have not sent a family picture to school we would love to have one by Friday, September 30th.  Children will begin individual shares very soon during morning meeting.  We will return all pictures as soon as everyone has shared.

Parlee Farms/Apple picking:  If you have not returned your permission slip, we ask that you do so as soon as possible.  We realize that the return date was the 30th, however, we do want to choose chaperones and give them as much time as possible to make any necessary arrangements.

Scholastic Book Club:  If you are planning on placing an order this month, please do so by Saturday at noon time.  I will place the order Saturday afternoon. Thank you for supporting our classroom library.

And now, voices from the class:

  • Sisira:  I liked taking the picture with all of our hands
  • Luke:  I liked the lightning stick and sharing in morning meeting
  • Megan:  I loved making my ice cream cone
  • Duncan:  I liked playing with dominoes during free time in the morning
  • Mady:  I went on lots of equipment at recess.
  • Lily:   I liked when Ms. Miele read The Seals on the Bus
  • Rida:  We all got new tags for our star necklaces
  • Caleb:  I liked our book buddies coming today.  We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear together
  • Anna:   We played a card game with letters in morning meeting that was fun
  • Xander:  I liked going to the library and meeting Mr. Murphy
  • Vivian:  I liked sharing my birthday poster this week
  • Jason:  I liked doing our math this week.  We counted birds and nests.
  • Hailey:  I liked making our school buses
  • Nicholas:  Mr. Musselman made clouds in the room.
  • Claire: We read Chrysanthemum this morning and crumpled the heart. Next we put band-aids on the heart.
  • Chace:  I like drawing during free time in the morning

Have a nice weekend!



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