September 30, 2016

blue-1From the Teacher:

We’ve had another busy week!.  

Behavior Systems: We started our new tier 1 behavior system in the room with children earning tickets when they are seen following the rules, being kind, helpful, or safe.  Each child keeps their tickets in their own tubs. Five tickets in their tub earns them a trip to the prize box.  We’ve had a few children already earn a prize.  We’re also continuing to earn stars as a class from receiving compliments in the hall, at lunch, or in the classroom when the whole class is working together.  So far we have 9 stars – 10 earns us a class reward.

Assessments:  We’ve just completed several assessments this week.  I was proud of how hard your children worked during these mandatory tests.  The results will guide our directed instruction in what will best help your children succeed.

Snacks/Lunch:  Please remember to include a drink with your child’s snack and lunch.  A refillable water bottle is perfect.  Currently we are giving them water in paper cups, but those are just accidents waiting to happen and your children can’t leave them on top of their lockers for quick sips.  Also please send any necessary utensils and napkins with snacks and lunches.  Thank you.

Library:  Our library day is Wednesday, so please make sure your child has their book to return on or before Wednesday so they can select another book during library time.

Field Trip:  We have sent home the flyers letting parents know if they have been chosen to chaperone the apple picking trip next week.  Unfortunately, we had more volunteers than what we could take on this trip.  We will do our best to include each family that wants to chaperone this year.

Book Buddies:  Mrs. Nolte’s fourth graders are here each Friday for our book buddy time.  Ask your child about their book buddy as it seems to be one of the highlights of our week.  I’ve included pictures below of them reading together this morning.

Picture Day:  Our picture day is Wednesday, October 5th.  Look for  details in the flyers sent home today.

And now, voices from the class:

  • Lily:  I loved doing the Kindergarten Cheer
  • Caleb: I loved going to recess
  • Hailey: I liked celebrating my birthday at school  
  • Luke:  I liked getting 5 tickets this week and going to the prize box
  • Anna:  I liked playing with my cousin Emma and Lily on the playground
  • Mady: I liked coloring in the morning at free choice time
  • Chace:  I liked doing the calendar and thermometer, we added green this week
  • Duncan:  My favorite part of the week was when my book buddy read me a book
  • Vivian:  I liked snuggling with the reading buddy (the stuffed sheep) when I read a story
  • Rida:  I liked going to the library this week and listening to the story
  • Jason:  I liked making our version of Ten Apples Up On Top
  • Xander:  It was fun to play legos during indoor recess this week
  • Sisira:  My favorite thing was reading our new Apples poem
  • Megan:  I liked watching the math video this week
  • Nicholas:  I liked making our temperature chain
  • Claire:  I liked doing the rhyming tests with Ms. Miele

Have a good weekend!

img_0367    img_0360

img_0358   img_0361

img_0362   img_0363

img_0364     img_0365

img_0368    img_0369

img_0370    img_0371

img_0372   img_0373

img_0374   img_0375





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