October 7, 2016

pink_star From the Teacher:

Field Trip:  Our day at Parlee Farms was fantastic and a huge hit with the children!  We had beautiful weather and so much fun picking apples and pumpkins, feeding the animals, and playing in the hay maze. Check out the photos at the end of this blog post.  Thank you to our parent chaperones: Mrs. Fine, Mrs. Litchel, Mrs. Onorato, and Mrs. Wong, for accompanying us on our trip – we couldn’t have done it without your help!  Next week we will be doing cross-section drawings (are you impressed?) with the class apples and pumpkin.  We have been reading lots of apple books, and we’ll add in the pumpkin stories beginning next week.

Fundations:  This week we began our Fundations (phonics) program with learning the names of the writing lines, and practicing our pencil grip and writing posture.  Fundations begins in earnest next week with the introduction of the letters b, f, and t.  Information about this unit and the first week of letters will be sent home on Monday. This packets will give you the same language we are using each day to describe the letters.  A practice sheet is coming home on Monday, but the following week we will send you a “laminated” practice sheet so you can reuse it over and over for practice.   Look for information each week.

Math: Today children took the unit 1 test on numbers 0 to 5.  Unit 2 will compare those same numbers.  Look for the family letter and topic opener to be sent home on Tuesday.  Ask your children about our math graphs that we have started doing a few mornings a week.  We graphed favorite color of apple to eat one day and if children prefer apple pie, apple crisp, applesauce, or apple juice a few days later.  Next week we’ll graph our favorite part of the field trip.  These graphs help with counting, comparing numbers, and seeing our similarities and differences when we discuss them in morning meeting.

Scholastic Book Club:  I know we just received the September order (due to it going home so late), however I have sent the October flyers home today with a due date of next Thursday.  I will be sending the flyers home the beginning of each month.  Ordering is totally voluntary.

And now, voices from the class:

  • Mady: I liked picking apples
  • Hailey:   I liked the hay ride at the farm
  • Luke: I liked the maze on our field trip
  • Claire: I liked having lunch outside at the farm
  • Xander: I liked getting my fifth ticket today
  • Rida: At the field trip it was fun to drive in the tractor
  • Sisira: I liked petting and feeding the animals
  • Jason:  We had our pictures taken for picture day
  • Nicholas:  I ate my apples when I got home with my family
  • Caleb: I like putting up the date for the calendar
  • Vivian:  I liked picking out my pumpkin
  • Megan: we got new star tags for our necklaces
  • Chace: My favorite book this week was Frog on a Log
  • Anna:  I liked the the Eat the Apple poem this week
  • Lily: I liked taking a  Popsico break today

Pictures from our trip to Parlee Farm:

file_000     file_002

file_003      file_004

file_001     file_005

file_008    file_006

Enjoy the weekend!


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