October 14, 2016

purple-1 From the Teacher:

Another great week filled with lots of little successes in Room 7!

Book Fair:  On Wednesday, October 19th our class will be going to the book fair from 9:00-9:30.  If your children are purchasing books please make sure the choice(s) are clear.  Children are always tempted by the non-book materials available such as posters, pencils, pointers, etc. We need to know if your child is permitted to make those choices.  Parents are welcome in the library to help out during our book fair time.  If you are volunteering please meet us in the library at 9:00 on Wednesday.  Below is Mr. Murphy’s book fair link in case you need further information

Fundations:  We began our first full week of Fundations lessons practicing and learning letters b, f, and t.  Thank you for practicing correct letter formation at home.  Next week will be m and n.  We’ll send home information on Monday along with a laminated copy of a Fundation-lined paper so you can reuse with marker (or even crayon).  If you need additional paper copies, let us know.

Math:  Our class is fortunate enough to be piloting the ST math program in kindergarten.  This supplemental math program is better known as “JiJi” math.  This week children worked on their i-pads and learned their unique password, and practiced one-to-one correspondence.  All the problems are presented visually and children need to problem solve to figure out how to clear the obstacles for JiJi to be able to move to higher and higher levels.  The children were really excited about it – so be sure to ask your children about it.  I’ll talk more about it in later posts.

Non-Fiction Writing:  This week your children worked on a narrative writing piece about our field trip to Parlee Farm.  Their stories have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  All that is needed is their cover illustrations and they will have completed their first individual book in kindergarten! I’m very impressed with their writing and illustrations and the fact that they had such success with this project only 24 days into the school year.

Reward Systems:  We have had many, many children earning trips to the prize box for being good listeners and following directions the first time they are given.  As a class we have earned another 10 stars for receiving compliments for outstanding behavior in the cafeteria, hallway and classroom  We will have our second class celebration on Monday.  Each Friday we have our star tag ceremony where children earn their tags for either academic or social successes that we have noticed during the week.  Children have been so supportive clapping for each other as they come up individually to get their necklaces with the new tags attached.

Community Circle:  The kindergartners had their first community circle meeting today with Mrs. Johnson.  The emphasis was on what it means to be part of our kindergarten/Fox Hill community.  Everyone did a great job talking about being kind and helpful to one another to make our community a happy place to be.  Making responsible choices and following expected behavior is also important to a community (in this case proper “bathroom” behavior was modeled).  In very kindergarten friendly language, diversity was also touched upon.

And now voices from the class:

  • Sisira: I liked playing with Echo the Fundations owl
  • Chace: I love doing the calendar
  • Hailey: I liked going to the prize box this week
  • Jason: I liked book buddies reading to us
  • Vivian: I liked getting a winner ticket in the cafeteria today
  • Anna: I liked doing JiJi math this week
  • Caleb: I liked writing the new letters
  • Duncan: I liked playing outside at recess
  • Luke: I liked making the beginning, middle and end for my book about the field trip
  • Lily: I liked doing math
  • Mady: I liked when the apple was cut in half
  • Claire: I liked going to the community circle with the other kindergartners and Mrs. Johnson
  • Megan: I liked making the Eat an Apple poem into a book
  • Nicholas: I liked having my picture taken with the apples
  • Xander:  I liked that we got 10 stars and will get to have a class celebration

Have a great weekend!

Community Circle Meeting


Cross-Section Apple with labels


Hard at work making our Eat an Apple mini-books

file_000-1    file_002

file_003    file_004


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