October 21, 2016

skyblue_star-copyFrom the Teacher:

Morning Meeting: We began our individual shares this week during Morning Meeting.  Children have done a great job sharing their family pictures.  We’re halfway through the class and will finish up next week.  

We shared our family pictures this week!familypicsshare

Good Readers:  This week we began learning about what makes a good reader.  Our key skill was “visualize“.  We listened to a portion of The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds (without seeing any of the pictures)  and then drew what we “saw in our minds”. Good readers often make pictures in their minds while they are reading (or being read to). The ability to retell a story is also important, so today with the aid of their “retelling cards”, each child took a turn retelling the story to a partner.  The cards gave them visual clues so they could tell the story in order and include the key details. As time goes on, we will be retelling without any aids.  Your children are bringing home their retelling cards today and I hope you will find some time this weekend to let your child tell you the story of The Dot.

Working with our partners to retell The Dot

thedotretell4 thedotretell6


Playground Rules:  Ms. Stone’s second grade class came to share the pamphlets they wrote about  playground rules.  The kindergarteners were a great audience while the 2nd graders were reading and sharing their fabulous books.

Listening to the 2nd graders share their playground books

img_0554   img_0555

img_0556   img_0557


Bus Safety:  Children met with the Burlington Police Department’s Safety Officer this week. After a quick talk, Officer Schipelliti took the children out to the buses where they did a practice evacuation off the back of the bus – they definitely had fun with this!


busevacuation1     busevacuation2

Halloween Celebration:  Next Friday the kindergarteners will be participating in  a morning filled with fun activities related to Halloween and the Fall season.  If you would like to volunteer, please return the orange form that was sent home last week or send me an email.

And now voices from the class . . .

  • Duncan: I liked going to the book fair
  • Luke: I liked doing the bus safety
  • Anna: I liked hearing Officer Buckle and Gloria at the listening center
  • Mady: I liked playing with chalk outside
  • Hailey:  I liked going outside for recess
  • Sisira: I liked reading The Dot
  • Lily: I liked going to the prize box this week
  • Chace: I liked sharing my family picture
  • Megan: I liked picking out my books at the book fair
  • Xander:  I liked meeting Officer Schipelliti
  • Caleb:  I liked that my book buddy came today
  • Jason:  I liked going on JiJi math this week
  • Claire: I liked playing with all the fun toys from earning 10 stars
  • Vivian: I liked doing the temperature chain during calendar
  • Rida: I liked reading Curious George with my book buddy
  • Nicholas:  I liked getting out of the back of the bus during bus safety

Have a wonderful weekend!


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