October 28, 2016

tangerine_star-copy From the Teacher:

This week we finished our family picture sharing during morning meeting.  These 8 children did a great job sharing about their families.  I’m very impressed with their ability to sit in front of an audience and give a description, and then answer questions from the audience!  Great job!


What a day we had today!  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped make our special celebration day so successful.  The kids had a fabulous, fun day.  They each chose one thing that they made to pose with so I’ve included those pictures, along with a few candid photos from the day.  Sorry no time for the children to write their part of the blog post – they were too busy having FUN!

file_000            img_0815

img_0816      img_0818

img_0820      img_0821

img_0822      img_0823

img_0824       img_0826

img_0828      img_0829

img_0830    img_0831

img_0819    img_0827

Some candid photos:

Ghost Writing in Shaving Cream

Roll a pumpkin face

Tic-Tac-Toe Halloween Style

Pin the eye on the monster

making Halloween wreaths

Halloween Bingo

Have a great weekend!


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