November 18, 2016

orange-1From the Teacher:

Vocabulary Parade:  Please remember to return your child’s paper bag alphabet vest to school on Monday.  We are looking forward to a fun vocabulary parade on Wednesday.

Early Dismissal on Wednesday:  It is very important that you return the bus slip to school that we sent home.   Please return on Monday your child’s transportation plans for the early release day on Wednesday.  Thank you!

New Student:  The children did a wonderful job of welcoming our new student. Mrs. Conlon and I were very impressed with the cards they made and their friendliness.

Fundations:  We will continue to review “a” and “g” rather than starting anything new during a short week.

Community Circle:  Ask your child about their meeting today with Mrs. Johnson.  She read the book The One and the kindergarten community discussed ways we could be “the one”.  As a follow up children made “1” necklaces with a drawing of how they can be the one at school.

So sorry – I could not get the pictures uploaded to the blog this week.  If I can get the glitch figured out I will update the blog next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

And now voices from the class:

  • Jason: We made the one necklaces
  • Chace:  I liked that we had inside recess one day
  • Luke:  I liked getting 10 stars
  • Sisira: I made a turkey for the hall
  • Megan: I liked making the one tags
  • Vivian: I liked watching the cookie monster video with Ms. Greene
  • Xander: I liked doing centers this week
  • Caleb: I liked the class celebration for earning 10 stars
  • Hailey: I liked having free choice in the morning
  • Lily: I liked playing with the fancy scissors this week
  • Mady: I liked having indoor recess and coloring
  • Anna: I liked having our community circle with Mrs. Johnson today
  • Claire: I liked sharing my crystal at morning meeting
  • Nicholas: I liked hearing The One at community circle today
  • Rida: I liked playing with the doll house during our celebration
  • Duncan: I liked going to the prize box this week
  • William: I liked using the AlphaBots during our class celebration



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