December 16, 2016

teal_star-copyFrom the Teacher:

Sorry, it has been awhile since I have been able to post.  What a whirlwind of a month in Kindergarten!

Fundations:  We completed the 8th week of the 12 week alphabet introduction with the letters j and p.  While I will introduce new letters next week, (h, k, and l) we will probably need to revisit them the week we come back from vacation.  I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, and I’ll let you know.

Centers:  Our classroom works 4 days per week (usually Monday-Thursday) to complete skill-based work either independently or in a small group setting.  The centers change weekly, but the structure is the same.  Children work on poetry, phonemic awareness, listening center and response, and an i-pad based center for JiJi math.  They have a variety of “choice” activities when they finish their “must-do” work of the day.   This would be a great conversation starter to ask what your child worked on during centers.

Journals:  Children started writing in journals last week.  Our plan is two write at least twice during the week. This journal time is a “free write”.  The only restriction is that it is a “real-life” experience, not a fiction piece,  otherwise they are free to write and draw about anything they want.  They have been so excited to get started with this new experience.   Mrs. Conlon and I have been so impressed with their ideas and their eagerness and perseverance to complete the work.  Look for these to come home on a monthly basis.

Projects:  We have done a few fun projects this week.  Children made gingerbread people and painted snowflakes and winter trees. It’s always so incredible to watch how creative they are and listen to their ideas as they are working at their tables.

Community Circle:  Mrs. Johnson hosted a community circle this week with our kindergartners focusing on heroes.  She read a book and listened to their ideas about who are their heroes and what makes someone a hero.  We’ll be working more on this in January.

Polar Express Day:  We are looking forward to a fun day on Thursday, December 22nd. Children can wear PJ’s to school and bring slippers in their backpack to wear.  We will rotate through 3 kindergarten classrooms and enjoy a variety of winter activities and crafts.

And now voices from the class:

  • Hailey:  We had our first white on the temperature chain
  • Megan: I like when we read the gingerbread stories
  • Duncan: We went to a winter concert today
  • Mady: I liked playing during indoor recess, it is cool
  • Anna: I liked listening to The Gingerbread Girl
  • Lily: I saw Bella, my sister, in the winter concert
  • Jason: I went to the prize box this week
  • Rida: I liked the singing part of the concert today
  • Nicholas: I liked making the gingerbread person
  • Sisira: I liked when everyone was singing in the show
  • Caleb: I liked the kids singing songs in the concert
  • Vivian: I liked hearing The Gingerbread Girl story
  • Chace: I liked the dancing in the show today
  • Luke: I liked getting the first white link on our chain
  • Claire: I liked doing the froggies in math this week

I am sorry for having another week without pictures (we still have the glitch) but Mr. Murphy has volunteered to help next week remedy the situation.  Have a wonderful weekend.



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