January 6, 2017

blueviolet_star-copy    Notes from the Teacher:

Happy New Year!  I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and your family.  All of us in Room 7 have settled back into our routines and we are getting ready to add in some additional ones.  

Fundations:  Next week we will introduce the letters x and y.  These are tricky letters to form (handwriting) and to produce their sound.  Thank you for using the practice sheets that are sent home each week to give your children a little extra support.

Math:  Our current unit is focused on ” joining” two groups together to form beginning addition problems. We have talked about (and used) a variety of strategies to help children add including, but not limited to, adding on, using fingers, a number line, manipulatives, and drawing pictures.  Children continue to work on ST (JiJi) math.  Please consider letting your child “play JiJi” at home.  It’s great practice that they really enjoy.

Sight Words:  We will begin working on our first 5 sight words next week.  Kindergarten students are responsible to read 50 sight words by the end of the year.  Look for a notice with additional information and your child’s sight word book in their blue folder on Monday.  Please return the sight word book each Friday so your child can read the words and earn their first “check off”.

Theme:  Although we haven’t had much “typical” winter weather outside, inside room 7 we are enjoying everything snow!   Learning about winter animals and the adaptations they make will be a big part of January.   We continue to work each day on our calendar skills, including our temperature chain.  Ask about the changes in colors your child is seeing based on our outside temperatures.  

Writing:  The children continued to make journal entries. I know I said this in the last post, but Mrs. Conlon and I are so impressed with their willingness and enthusiasm for writing.  They also wrote “New Year’s Resolutions” this week (see the pictures below).  Thanks so much to Mr. Murphy for spending a lot of time to figure out the glitch that prevented me from including pictures in the blog – I’m happy to say pictures are back!  

Morning Meeting Sharing:  This week I put up a sign-up sheet for children who wanted to share during morning meeting.  The dates/times quickly filled up with your children very eager to share.  The plan is for individual shares to happen on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I’m pretty flexible about what they can share: special items, mementos from trips, a talent, or they can even talk about something they know a lot about.  This is totally voluntary!

Mystery Reader:  Later in the month we will begin having mystery readers come and share a story in our classroom.  This can be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.  I’ll send home a sign up sheet with a list of available time slots next week and will schedule as many of you as possible.  I’m very excited about beginning this activity and remember – it’s a secret – please don’t tell your child.  I want to keep it a mystery until we open the classroom door to welcome our readers.  

Progress Reports/Assessments:  I’ll be working on both over the next few weeks, so don’t be surprised if you hear about “word tests” from your children.  These tests are the same ones that were administered in the beginning of the year and shared with you at December conferences.  Progress Reports will be sent home January 23rd. Keep in mind, that grading on these progress reports is based on end-of-the-year benchmark goals, so at this time of the year it is expected that children will be “progressing toward the goal” rather than meeting or exceeding the expectations.  Of course, if you have any questions, let me know.

Again, thank you Mr. Murphy for your help – I love that I can once again include pictures of my fabulous room 7 kiddos in the blog.

Enjoy the weekend.

And now, voices from the class . . .

  • Vivian: I liked getting tickets and going to the prize box
  • Jason: I got to share this week at morning meeting and I brought my swimming medal
  • Sisira: We are doing addition in math
  • Megan: I earned 5 tickets and chose a snowflake pen
  • Hailey: We started addition and I love it so far
  • Luke: I liked going to the library. Mr. Murphy read us a book that I have at home
  • Mady: I liked making new journal books
  • Xander: I liked doing our math this week because I like math
  • Caleb: I liked doing our centers this week
  • Lily: We had book buddies today
  • Rida: I liked listening to the books about winter
  • Duncan: We wrote New Year’s Resolutions for 2017
  • Nicholas: I liked playing in our classroom for indoor recess
  • Claire: We went to the library and picked out a new book
  • Anna: I liked making my own New Year’s Resolution

file_006-1      file_006

file_002        file_001

file_000           file_004

file_007        file_005

file_004-1    file_001-1

file_003-1      file_000-1

file_005-1       file_002-1


Have a wonderful weekend!


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