January 13, 2017

red1From the Teacher:

Science: Without doubt, the big news of our week was the hedgehog visit from the Science Center.  This week we read The Mitten, by Jan Brett.  Your children will be “retelling” you the story using their “Mitten bags” or singing you our song.  The hedgehog in one of 8 animals in the story.  Ms. Pavlicek did an amazing job of teaching across the curriculum including ELA, Social Studies and Science standards.  We found out that the hedgehog is the only animal in the story that does not live in the wild on our continent.  We learned lots of scientific facts about the hedgehog as well.  Ask your children what type of animal it is and some of the characteristics (mammal: warm blooded, lungs, hair or fur, born alive, backbone), how it defends itself (quills, rolling into a ball, and making noises).  I’ve included some pictures below.  I was unable to get everyone petting Pearl due to the setup, but do have a great picture of that beautiful Snowflake Hedgehog (I never knew they could be white) & Ms. Pavlicek.

Sight Word Books:  Sorry for the late remind this morning about returning the sight word books.  I will, however, need the books back each Friday so we can have your child read the words to us and we can refill with the next five words.  If you did not send the book today, please make sure we have them on Tuesday so your child will have the next practice words.  Everyone did a great job reading them this morning.  Each week we will put a check mark on the back of a word that was read correctly.  Once your child has successfully read the word 3 times we will not be checking those words again until the very end of the program.

Quick Note:  We have had a lot of sleepy, tired children this week (and possibly some not feeling 100%).  If at all possible, a regular early bedtime would be extremely helpful for them to be able to learn, produce their best work, and participate fully each day.  Thank you!

Mystery Reader:  I did mention this program last week in the blog, but didn’t get the sign up forms out this week.  It will be sent home on Tuesday.  Thanks!

Book Orders:  If you are ordering from Scholastic book clubs this month, please have your orders in by the end of the night (1-13-17)  I’ll be placing the class order tomorrow.

Martin Luther King, Jr.:  We read a book today about this great American hero.  Many of the children were very interested in hearing about the struggles of black children portrayed in the story.  We will continue to talk about Dr. King next week.  This is a great tie-in to our upcoming assembly on heroes.

Enjoy the long weekend.

And now voices from the class:

  • Luke:  Ms. P. from the Science Center brought the hedgehog.
  • Jason: I made a hedgehog to bring home.
  • Rida:  We cut the animals for our Mitten retelling bag.
  • Lily: I liked when we saw the hedgehog, it was cute.
  • Megan: I liked when the hedgehog was eating her food in the cage.
  • Caleb: I liked going to the library and hearing the story.
  • Chace: In morning meeting I shared my airplane with everyone.
  • Mady:  I liked sharing my Hatchimo in morning meeting, it is a penguin.
  • Vivian: I liked counting to 100 when I put the eye and nose on my hedgehog.
  • Nicholas: Ms. P. let us pet the hedgehog. It felt spiky.
  • Anna:  I liked cutting the quills on my hedgehog; it looks like a real hedgehog.
  • Duncan: At indoor recess I liked playing Legos, it was so fun.
  • Sisira:  We met a snowflake hedgehog today.  We got to touch her too.
  • Claire:  I liked watching the hedgehog eat the worms.
  • Hailey: I liked when I petted the hedgehog it felt really cool. It was my first time.


file_008      file_006

file_003      file_002

file_005    file_001



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