February 3, 2017

pink1From the Teacher:

Many pictures and activities to share with you from our week.

Guided Reading:  Your children are really excited about their “book club” meetings.  They are proud of being readers and sharing their books at home.  I do need to ask that they return their book, baggie, and reading slip each day.  For many groups they are sharing books and it is important that we have the books we need each day.  I’ve appreciated reading your comments and have shared many of them with your children.  Please know that you can share anything on the slip and that I am only conveying your praise to the children.

Sight Words: Thank you for returning the sight word books each Friday and for practicing the words with your children throughout the week.

Fundations:  We’ll move quickly through the  formation of  the capital letters.  We’re tapping out words and listening for beginning, middle, and end sounds in words.  This is an easy skill for you to spend a few minutes on (even in the car).  Ask your child where they hear the “t” sound (you need to make the letter sound, not say the letter) in cat – end sound.  Where is the “m” sound in mat, etc.

Mystery Reader:  We had our first mystery reader this week.  The class LOVED it!  If you haven’t signed up and want to, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll send home a sign up form.

Valentine Cards:  If your child has finished their cards you can send them in at any time.  Please remember to send them to school no later than February 13th.

Have a wonderful weekend and please, please, please GO PATRIOTS!!!!

And now voices from the class:

  • Xander:  I liked my Mom being the first Mystery Reader
  • Duncan: I liked when I went to the concert this morning
  • Vivian: I liked that our snow dance worked
  • Lily: I liked when we had our mystery reader
  • Luke: I liked seeing the pictures when we went to the show this morning
  • Jason:  I went to the prize box yesterday
  • Claire: I liked seeing pictures at the show this morning when the girl (Ella Fitzgerald) was little
  • Caleb: I liked going to the gym and doing our snow dance
  • Megan: I liked that we got snow after doing the snow dance
  • Mady: I liked going to our book club meeting; those are my favorite
  • Sisira: We started something new on the calendar by adding numbers to the 10 frames
  • Rida:  I made the right prediction about the groundhog
  • Chace: We made groundhogs this week
  • Hailey: I liked the singing this morning at the show
  • Nicholas: I liked that Xander’s Mom read us Rainbow Fish
  • Anna: I liked the girl singing at the music show

Pictures from the week:
Our first Mystery Reader was Xander’s Mom.  Thanks for reading us a great story!

file_003      file_002

Our class did a “Snow Dance” after reading the book of the same title.  We played musical instruments and whirled and twirled our way down the hall and into they gym encouraging the snowflakes to fall. It worked!  We woke up to snow.  Hard to capture how adorable they were.

img_2681    img_2679

Groundhog Day:
We made groundhogs and then predicted what we thought would happen.  As you can see only a few children predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

file_001      file_000

The Ella Fitzgerald show was a big hit!  We played musical instruments and joined in the singing.

file_001   file_000-1


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