February 17, 2017

    red1From the Teacher:

WOW! That’s all I can say – WOW! What a week to be in kindergarten!  A snow day, Valentine’s Day, our second mystery reader, then prepping for the opening of our Fox Hill Post Office and our 100th day of school.  While today was only day 99 for us, we paraded, read books about “100” and tried to break the curse of Dr. Double Digits.  When we return – we’ll celebrate our first triple digit number.  

Dr. Seuss week:  So sorry, I forgot to send home the Dr. Seuss flyer detailing our activities .for the week we return from vacation.  On Monday, February 27th we are celebrating Fox in Socks by having children wear crazy colorful socks to school.  Tuesday will be Cat in the Hat day and children can wear a favorite hat.  Wednesday will be Wacky Wednesday and children wear clothes backwards, crazy hairstyles, etc., Thursday will be Green Eggs and Ham and children can wear something green, Friday will be Sleep Book, children can wear pajamas and even bring their slippers!

Lunch Note:  The cafeteria has begun offering ice cream and treats for purchase during our lunch.  These do cost additional money so please talk with your child about whether or not you want them to be purchasing these items, and if you do, how often?  Feel free to email me if after talking with your child it continues to be an issue (extra $ on your bill).

Mystery Reader:  Thanks so much to Mrs. Foster (Duncan’s Mom) for being our second mystery reader.  The kids love this activity.   If you haven’t signed up and want to, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll send home a sign up form when we return from vacation.

I didn’t get a chance to do our usual voices from the class today, but PLEASE ask your child what their favorite part of the week was – they have a lot to choose from.

I hope you get a little time to enjoy the vacation!

Mystery Reader: Duncan’s Mom reading What Was I Scared Of? by Dr. Seuss                                       file_000-1


Our Super Hero Parade begins . . .



In Disguise . . .




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