March 3, 2017

green-1From the Teacher:

Dr. Seuss:  Our week-long celebration of Dr. Seuss was a success.  Ask your child what their favorite day/activity was this week.  We will continue to feature Dr. Seuss books for the next few weeks.  

Mystery Reader:  Thanks to MacKenzie Fine (Lily’s big sister) for coming in and being our mystery reader this week.  It was really fun for the class.

Quiet Time:  We began having a few minutes of quiet time when we return to the classroom from lunch.  This time is part of the responsive classroom model that we follow.  Ask your children how they feel about this new addition to our day.

JiJi (ST Math):  Our class received our first postcards from Jiji the penguin.  Each time the children from our room complete 10% of the ST math curriculum we will receive a postcard from Jiji from his/her newest location.  So far JiJi has been kayaking in West Virginia and posing with a cactus in the desert of Nevada.  We are working hard to complete more of the JiJi math curriculum and move JiJi along in his/her travels.  I would love children to be using this app at home.  If you need help getting it set up, let us know and we can send home the papers again.  At this point in the year children know their passwords really well and shouldn’t have any trouble logging in.  If it asks you for a school – the entire district is registered as Pine Glen.  Thanks for your help with this program at home.

Book Club Meetings:  Children did a great job participating in book club meetings this week.  We would ask that you find a few minutes to listen to your child read, sign the paper, make a comment (totally optional) and return the book to school the very next day.  Children will reread this book as a “warm-up” to the new book that we will introduce.  Thank you.

Class Behavior:  This was a difficult week coming back from vacation.  Children needed a lot of reminders about our school and classroom expectations  which are being Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Kind.  We will continue next week reviewing these important expectations.  It would be very helpful if you had a conversation about what it means to follow these expectations and what choices they can make. 

Spring Conferences:  In your child’s folder today is the sign up for a spring conference.  Please return the form by March 17th and I will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.  I look forward to touching base with you about your child’s progress.

And now voices from the class:

  • Hailey: We went to the science show about electricity and my dad is an electrician
  • Jason: I really liked pajama day the best
  • Chace:  I liked dressing up in green for Green Eggs and Ham day
  • Mady: I liked having quiet time this week. Today I slept on the rug
  • Lily: I loved that MacKenzie, my sister, was our mystery reader today
  • Duncan: I liked when we started having quiet time and I picked coloring
  • Anna: I liked having pajama day today and I brought my unicorn bathrobe
  • Luke:  At the science show I liked when they made lightning
  • Caleb: I liked when we read Green Eggs and Ham
  • Megan: I liked that we got to wear pajamas to school today
  • Jolie: I liked doing calendar this week
  • Claire:  On Wacky Wednesday I wore everything backwards
  • Nicholas: At quiet time today I colored a picture for Mommy and Daddy
  • Xander: Getting mail from the post office was my favorite part of the week
  • Vivian: I liked everything we did on Friday, especially the pajamas

Happy weekend!

Our newest mystery reader – Lily and her sister Mackenzie!
file_001 file_000

Green Eggs and Ham at lunch!
 file_002   file_000-1
Lighting it up at the electricity show!                                      Pajama Day!
file_003   file_000-2


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