March 10, 2017

From the Teacher:

Book Club Meetings:  Our book club meetings have been going extremely well.  This is a time when children get to meet in small groups to practice specific reading skills and of course to read, read, read!  I have been so impressed with everyone working so hard to practice their reading.  I believe the sight words have made a big difference and I hope you see that when your child is reading to you.  It is important to return book baggies and signed reading slips each day. Thank you.

Writing Workshop:  We began “writing workshop” time this week.  Children are able to choose their own topics (as long as they are school appropriate).  We will begin sharing our stories with classmates next week.  Ask your child about their writing.

Mystery Readers:  This week we had two mystery readers.  Thank you to Hailey’s Mom and Vivian’s Mom for choosing great books and coming to read to our class.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  The children are so excited when they see the mystery reader envelope with the clues hanging up in the morning.

Cafeteria/lunch:  Purchasing of popsicles and more than one snack continues to be an issue at lunch. Our lunch time consists of  25 minutes in the cafeteria and that is definitely not enough time to get through the line, eat a full lunch and eat a popsicle (which takes a really long time to eat). Today with the children purchasing a dessert I asked that they refrain from choosing popsicles (many chose hoodsie cups).   I’m hoping you will have a conversation with your children so that lunch will be a more pleasant experience rather than a rush at the end with a lot of food ending up in the trash.

Hygiene:  As you will see from the voices from the class section – we had a very small class today with many children out sick.  We are doing our best to keep things wiped down and clean.  We are also giving frequent reminders to wash hands and keep fingers out of noses and mouths!!

We’ve talked about changing the clocks this weekend – so don’t forget to “spring forward” at your house.  Have a nice weekend!

and now, voices from the classroom:

  • Vivian:  I loved that my Mom was the Mystery Reader today.  I think I gave her 100 kisses!
  • Megan: Today I liked making the lamb for March
  • Caleb: I liked being the Fundations leader this week.
  • Nicholas: My favorite was the book at the listening center, I liked when the animals tried to pull the Mooses’ tooth out
  • Jolie: This week I was the line leader and I liked that
  • Duncan: My book buddy helped me read my mail today
  • Sisira: I liked making my lion today for March
  • Jason: I liked doing the math sheet yesterday because we had lots of problems to solve
  • Mady: I liked that Hailey’s Mom was the Mystery Reader, the story was fun
  • Chace: I really liked reading lots of books in my Book Club Meeting
  • Anna:  I liked the Moose in the listening center book, he lost his tooth
  • Claire:  I liked doing the days of the week when we did the calendar today

Mystery Reader:  Hailey’s Mom reading  Penguin Problems     

Mystery Reader:  Vivian’s Mom reading The Paper Bag Princess

Showing off our Lions and Lambs to go with our poem this week:


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