March 31, 2017

From the teacher:

We have packed a lot into the last two weeks, including some end-of-the-month snow!  

Mystery Readers: Room 7 has had 3 mystery readers in the last two weeks.  Megan’s Mom read  Love You Forever. Chace’s Mom read Bear Shadow, and today Claire’s Mom read Skippyjon Jones, Snow What?  The class gets so excited when they see the mystery clues envelope hanging by the morning message.  If your family has not had a chance to sign up and you are interested in coming in to read a book, please let me know and I’ll send home the paperwork and some times for a visit. (see pictures below)

Community Helpers:  Today the kindergarten was so lucky to meet and talk with parents about their jobs as community helpers.  Thank you to Mrs. Coffey, Mr. Fine,  Mr. Foster and Mrs. Onorato for taking time out of their day to share with our kindergarten classes. See pictures below

Writing/Science Activities:  As I’m sure you have heard – Room 7 is looking to get a class pet from the Science Center!  We have three choices: a gerbil, a parrot, and a turtle.  During the next  two weeks during our ELA block children will be reading and learning about the 3 pets up for consideration which is great preparation for the research project we will be working on later in the year. Each child will then write a “persuasive” letter to Ms. Pavlicek (head of the Science Center) about why that animal would be perfect for our class.  The winning pet will arrive in our classroom the week after April vacation.  

Children will also be creating an  invitation to their “fictional” outdoor birthday party.  The goal is for children to pull together all the learning they have on weather and seasons to make an appropriate choice for their venue, activity and clothing for the event.  We’ve been talking in class about this and children already have some great ideas.

Since we will be doing these two big projects you will see fewer book club books coming home in the next weeks.  Rest assured we will be doing lots of reading and writing when we do our reasearch and write our persuasive letters and invitations.

Sight Words:  We have completed the 50 sight words (49 plus your child’s name) that children are expected to learn in kindergarten.  Thank you for working with your children to learn these words as they are soooooo important in developing readers.  We will review these words throughout the rest of the year and we hope you will do so at home.  

Math:  We have been working hard on ST (JiJi) Math and the children have been making great progress.  I would encourage all families to spend a few minutes at home checking out this math program.  We will begin Envision unit 10 on Monday.  This unit continues the work on “teen numbers” with the emphasis on composing and decomposing.  

And now voices from the class:

  • Luke: I like having mystery readers
  • Jason: My Mom came for community helpers and said her job
  • Claire: I really liked the book my mom read today as a mystery reader
  • Vivian:  I liked working in the garden this week
  • Mady: I liked outdoor recess and using the chalk
  • Caleb: I liked meeting all the community helpers
  • Megan: My Mom being a mystery reader was my favorite thing
  • Duncan: Community helpers came today and my Dad was here
  • Chace: My Mom was a mystery reader and I liked that
  • Xander: I liked indoor recess today and playing with the Legos
  • Lily: My Dad came to school today to talk about his job
  • Anna: I liked reading Duncan’s books about Toto the Cat
  • Jolie:  I like to color when it’s “quiet time”
  • Sisira: I liked making lambs and lions for our door
  • Hailey: My Mom came to school today and talked about her job

Have a great weekend!

                                                   Mystery Reader: Megan’s Mom


                                                               Mystery Reader: Chace’s Mom


                                                          Mystery Reader: Claire’s Mom


Our Community Helpers: 

                                                                      Duncan and his Dad


                                                                        Hailey and her Mom


                                                                     Jason and his Mom


                                                                         Lily and her Dad



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