April 13, 2017

From the Teacher:

Mystery Readers:  We had two mystery readers this week.  Our first reader of the week was Mrs. Conlon’s daughter Mia who came and read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.  Our second mystery reader of the week was Jason Onorato’s sister, Kayla.  Kayla read If You Give A Dog A Donut.  Thank you to both of our lovely young mystery readers this week!
                                                     Mrs. Conlon and her daughter, Mia

                                                              Jason and his sister, Kayla

Sight Word Assessments:  I have sent home today your child’s most recent sight word assessment.  Please continue to practice these words at home until they are fluent; we will continue working on them at school, too!

ST/JiJi Math:  Room 7 students are making great progress with their math skills, in part due to our participation in the ST Math pilot program.  This would be a great activity for your child to do during vacation!  Please consider having them log on and help JiJi the Penguin continue the journey across the world one step at a time.

Writing:  We have done a lot of impressive writing these last two weeks.  Children wrote persuasive letters, made seasonal birthday invitations, completed narrative journal entries, and wrote creatively during Writing Workshop time.

Book Club Meetings:  We will return to regular book club meetings as soon as we return to school after our vacation week.  Please know Room 7 has also included lots and lots of reading during these two weeks, it just hasn’t been in our formal book club meetings.

Weather Chain:  Ask your children about our weather chain.  We have been in school only 9 days in April and we have an unusual variation in colors.  Have your children explain why!

Magnet Show:  Mr. Musselman from the science center was in to do a presentation to our class about magnets – ask your child about north and south and what they learned during the show. I’ve included some pictures below.  If you don’t know Mr. Musselman – he puts on quite a show!


Happy, healthy April vacation to all!



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