April 28, 2017

From the Teacher:

Here are some pictures from our week.

Mystery Readers: Thank you to our two mystery readers this week.  Mrs. Johnson surprised the class on Monday and we finished our week with Luke’s Mom reading today.  Thank you to both of our mystery readers.

Mrs. Johnson reading  The Little House, posing for a picture with the class, then getting one of Room 7’s famous group hugs!


On Friday, Luke’s Mom read How to Train a Train,  then posed with the birthday boy!


Earth Day at Fox Hill:  Today our school celebrated Earth Day with a wonderful presentation in our Learning Commons area.  Mr. Murphy, Ms. Scheffer, Mrs. Thorpe and Ms. Pavlicek all combined efforts for a wonderful learning experience for the children.  Pictures are below – I’m not sure if I captured everyone as there was a lot going on in the short time we were there.  Ask your child their favorite part of our visit.








And what we have all been waiting for – the cage arrived today and Crystal will arrive on Monday – wish us luck!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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