May 5, 2017

From the Teacher:

Mystery Reader:  Thank you to Jason’s Mom who was our Mystery Reader today.  She read Five Little Bunnies Hopping on a Hill.  I can’t tell you how happy the class is when they see the mystery reader envelope hanging on the easel.  Thank you to all our readers.

Jason and his Mom:


Thank you!  Teacher Appreciation Week has been wonderful!  Mrs. Conlon and I have appreciated all the wonderful cards, flowers, chocolates, coffee, and lots of extra hugs from the class. We had a delicious lunch today hosted by the PTO and the time to eat it); thank you to our recess and lunch moms.

Book Club Meetings/Assessments:  I will begin end-of-the-year assessments next week  so realistically reading books will come home every other day instead of every day.  Rest assured even if your child does not come home with a book they are still reading a lot each day through centers and other activities.

Sight Words: I did another sight word assessment today and will send those papers home Monday.  Knowing these words “instantly” makes a huge difference in reading progress.  Please continue to practice with your children.  

Scholastic Book Club:  If you are ordering, please place your order by 8:00 p.m. so I will be able to finalize the class order.  I’ll be placing one more order in June.  Thank you for all your support with this program.

End-of-the-year Celebration:  Please pencil in June 14th on your calendars as that is the date of our kindergarten celebration.  Specific information will be sent home once everything is finalized.

Class Pet: Well the big news of the week is Crystal.  She arrived on Monday and, although a lot quieter than we anticipated, she has clearly added a lot of excitement.  She’s been out of her cage each day surveying the room from her perch, did a little flying , and is beginning to make some sounds. She is more talkative when it’s just Tania and I in the room, so  I’m hoping next week she’ll adjust to the kindergarten buzz and the kids will get to hear more.


Have a great weekend!




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