May 12, 2017

  From the Teacher:

Mystery Readers:  This week we were fortunate enough to have two mystery readers.  We had our first set of grandparents on Tuesday when Sisira’s grandmother read The Princess and the Magic Locket.  My parents were here today and read Bear Feels Sick.  I am so proud of what good listeners they are when our guests are reading the story.  

     Sisira’s grandmother reading the story and then Sisira posing with her grandparents:

                                                                       My Mom and Dad.

Then since I couldn’t get in the picture with my parents  (and take it at the same time), the class volunteered that they would get in the picture with them!  I couldn’t resist posting this one, too!

Be sure to check out Crystal also posing in the back of the pictures.

Writing:  The class will begin working on a class research project next week.  We have been watching the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly right in our classroom.  These observations will be the first step in our gathering information for our class book.

Field Trip:  On Wednesday we will be going to see Seussical.  Please have your child wear their Fox Hill field trip t-shirt.  Be sure to pack a peanut free lunch as it is possible we may not be back in time to eat in the cafeteria and we will have lunch in our classroom.   

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!  Have a wonderful weekend.


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