May 19, 2017

 From the Teacher:

We had a very busy week as you will see from the voices from the class below.  The highlights were spending time with Crystal (her last day was today), a field trip, 3 mystery readers, beginning our research reports, and releasing 3 of our Painted Lady butterflies that hatched.  Thank you to Mrs. Fine and Mrs. Quimby for accompanying us on our field trip this week.

Next Field Trip:  Our final field trip of the year is to the Franklin Park Zoo.  Paperwork was sent home today and is due back by May 26th.

Assessments:  It’s that time of year that we are doing a lot of individual assessments with the children.  They will be taking their final check on the 50 sight words the first week in June.  PLEASE continue to practice these words all the way until first grade – it will pay off for your child!

Mystery Readers:  We began our week with Megan’s grandfather coming in and sharing the book Picasso with us.  Today we had Anna’s Mom read Miss Nelson Is Missing in the morning and Nicholas’ Dad this afternoon reading Dr. Seuss’ The Ear Book.  Sorry can’t get Nicholas’ pictures into blog this week, but will add them next week.  Thank you to all our mystery readers this week.

                                                            Megan and her Grandfather
                                                                               Anna and her Mom

                                                                        Butterfly release:


And now, voices from the class:

  • Megan: My grandpa was a mystery reader this week
  • Chace: We helped change our library to animal books for our books that we are writing
  • Mady: I liked having Crystal this week
  • Luke: We released our butterflies this afternoon
  • Xander: I liked the field trip when everyone was singing and dancing
  • Lily: My mom came on the field trip. I liked the part when the cat was shaking his butt
  • Nicholas: I had my birthday in school and everyone sang happy birthday to me.  My Dad came this afternoon and was a mystery reader
  • Vivian: I liked when we released the butterflies because one butterfly stayed right between the feet the whole time
  • Hailey:  I liked the end of the field trip when everyone was dancing and singing
  • Caleb:  I liked researching the butterflies for my book
  • Anna: My Mom was a mystery reader today, I liked the book my Mom brought with her
  • Duncan: I liked going on the field trip.  I liked the part when the bird grew too many feathers
  • Jason: We had a celebration because we earned 10 stars
  • Claire: I liked the part of the field trip when the bird found the right flower
  • Sisira: I liked when we released the orange black butterflies
  • Jolie: I liked working on JiJi this week
  • Rida: I liked when the butterfly went to Vivian today  

Have a nice weekend!


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